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About Us

Texas Basket Company's earliest baskets were made for harvesting, transporting & storing fruits and vegetables - mainly tomatoes. Prior to World War II, Jacksonville, Texas was known as "The Tomato Capital of the World". Jacksonville's rich red soil produces flavorful tomatoes that were hauled by wagons or automobiles to a downtown area called the "Tomato Sheds". This area consisted of many open-air sheds alongside the Missouri Pacific railroads. Baskets full of tomatoes were loaded on the train cars and shipped by rail across the United States.

Texas Basket Company's manufacturing plant has been locally owned and operated since 1919. TBC was purchased by J.C. Swanson and his son Martin in 1977. Martin Swanson and his wife Jackie still own and operate Texas Basket Company today. There are only a handful of commercial basket manufacturers in the nation and Texas Basket Company is the largest and most well-known. TBC produces several hundred different sizes, types and colors of products, more than any other manufacturer. Texas Basket Company produces approximately 15,000 items per day! The products are shipped to all 50 states, as well as Mexico, Australia, Canada, Japan, Germany, and other countries.

Fruit and vegetable baskets such as the well known bushel and half bushel are TBC's specialty. TBC also manufactures apple baskets such as the peck, half peck, quarter peck and even an eighth peck. Other popular baskets are TBC's hand-woven peach & lettuce baskets. Wooden display racks featuring TBC's baskets will help you show off your items with style. Quality materials plus volume production assures you of the best quality basket at the best possible price!

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